Shiloh Farms: Barley Flakes 16 Oz (6 Pack)

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Product Description

Rolled Organic Barley Flakes is one of the oldest known cereal foods with a sweet nut-like flavor. Organic Barley Flakes are a terrific change from Oat Flakes. Barley Flakes can be eaten hot or cold, and can be used in recipes calling for Oat Flakes for a change of flavor. Barley Flakes may be used in place of oat flakes (or combined with oat flakes) for a chewier result. They may be added to soups. The Barley grain is first dehulled. It is then hydrated (usually through steaming). Next it is gently and briefly heated before passing through a rolling mill and then cooled before packaging. This processing stabilizes the grain, meaning the enzymes are neutralized to prevent oxidation and rancidity. The heating transforms the starches to more simple sugars, making them more easily digested. Barley is lower in fiber than other grains with its vitamin and mineral content kept intact. In 1942 a group of like-minded people gathered on a farm in Western New York and founded the Shiloh Community. Their common goal was to live and work together in health and harmony. To help support themselves and sustain their lifestyle they created a bakery and became known for their hearty, healthy all-natural products. Organic certification had not yet been invented. This was the beginning of SHILOH FARMS.

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