Organic, Sprouted Barley Flour, Non-GMO, Bio-Available with a Great Taste (24 oz) - Pack of 2

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Product Description

Organic Sprouted Barley - One of the staples of the world, prized in the past for providing energy and endurance. Sprouted barley living flour tests exceptionally high for its bioavailability to your body. A grain very high in dietary fiber, good source of 8 essential vitamins and minerals, and has 0 trans fat. With such a pleasant taste you will want to add sprouted Barley to every recipe.

Sprouted grains gently dried, preserved at the exponential growth phase to provide you and yours the nutrition for an energized life. Packed with expressed vitamins, minerals, enzymes, FOS and MOS plus the natural benevolent flora of our sprouted grains.

Go ahead, mix up a batch of your favorite recipe and add any variety of our Living Flour sprouted grains. Taste Life!

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