Korean Seaweed (Original Laver), Roasted & Seasoned, 9 Lunch Box Packages (2.25" X 3.25") By Yangban

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Product Description

Yangban Gim is made from the type of laver which is traditionally and most commonly consumed by Koreans. Dongwon, manufacturer of Yangban Gim, claims that the "Raw Laver Connoisseur" with over 20 years of experience hunts for the best quality raw laver in Korea. The company also adopted a Triple Inspection System (inspection at ocean farm, factory warehouse and before manufacturing) at each facility to ensure the quality of the laver from selection to processing. Koreans frequently enjoy Gim (laver in English, it's edible seaweed and classified as a red algae) with their meals. Seasoned and roasted Gim is eaten with a bowl of rice along with other side dishes. It's especially popular as a side dish in lunch boxes. It's also widely used as toppings for noodle soups and fried rice. In Korea, there are 4 types of roasted Gim (laver): Dol Gim (grown on rock), Jaerae Gim (made from Porphyra Yezoensis, red algae with thin leaves in radiating pattern), Parae Gim (mixed with parae, known as green laver) and Gimbap Gim (made from Porphyra Tenera, with long leaves). Dol Gim has a strong laver flavor, thick and rough, and a coarse texture with holes. Jaerae Gim has a smooth, fine texture and is light in color. Parae Gim has a smooth texture with a unique herbal taste and aroma of green laver. Gimbap Gim is used to make Gimbap (Korean rolls similar to sushi rolls). It is made thick by overlapping many layers so that it does not break easily when making Gimbap rolls. Jaerae Gim, also known as Chosun Gim, is the most commonly consumed seaweed type. In terms of format, dried Gim (laver) is usually sold in large sheets (about 7.25" by 8"). Some Koreans buy unroasted Gim, then roast and season it themselves. The large sheet is then cut into smaller sizes (about 2.25" by 3.25") when it's served at meals. Some pre-packaged Gim are also pre-cut into smaller sizes and portioned for one person's meal for convenience. While convenient, it's also higher in price.

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