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  • TrueVine Chalice Prefilled Communion Cups and Wafer Set – Prefilled Communion Cups With Bread & Juice – Fresh, Easy-Open…


    🍇 🥖 High Quality Prepackaged Communion ➡️ Premium Sacramental Concord Grape Juice & a 1/2″ Sacramental Unleavened Bread. No added sugar and guaranteed non-GMO.
    ✔️ Easy-Open, Silent, No-Spill Seal Prefilled Communion ➡️ Silent, simple opening for your younger and older attendees. Bread in the bottom seal and Concord Grape Juice in the top. Hermetically sealed prefilled communion.
    🍷 Classic Communion Cup Design ➡️ Unique sturdy Chalice shape makes the prefilled communion cup easier to hold, more simple to unseal, and balances well on communion trays and tables.

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