Style: Roasted & Salted No Shell

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  • Wonderful Pistachios No Shells 3 Pack, Roasted and Salted (12oz), Sea Salt & Vinegar (11oz), Chili Roasted (11oz)


    SIZE: This 12 Ounce re-sealable bag is easily transportable for your next road trip, A combination of fiber, protein and fat may help to curb hunger between meals in a healthy way
    FLAVOR: Roasted & Salted. While these shelled pistachios have the same delicious taste, they are much less work for you, Additionally, with no shell, these pistachios are perfect for cooking, great for snacking, and a tasty, crunchy salad topper
    CALIFORNIA GROWN: Wonderful Pistachios grows all of its pistachios in California orchards, where we carefully tend and harvest using the latest in sustainable practices

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