Cherodada 100 Pcs Smell Proof Bags Resealable Holographic Bag for Party Favor Food Safe Storage Packaging Products ( 3×4 Inch )

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Price: $8.99
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Product Description

smell proof bags, great as party favor bagssmell proof bags, great as party favor bags

Holographic Rainbow Color smell proof bagsHolographic Rainbow Color smell proof bags

Holographic Rainbow Color

Holographic silver back with transparent front for clear viewing the items inside. When displayed indoors, you don’t need to have lots of lighting to see the beautiful rainbow color.

High Quality and ReuseHigh Quality and Reuse

High Quality and Reuse

Cherodada smell proof bags is made of PET material, impact strength of PET material is 4 times that of PE material, it has tear resistance and durability. You can repeat open the zipper, and the zipper don’t broken.

Smell Proof and Fresh-KeepingSmell Proof and Fresh-Keeping

Smell Proof and Fresh-Keeping

The zipper can be closed tightly to prevent water, moisture, dust and odour in, saving you energy, keeping things fresh and clean.If you want to store lotion or more viscous food, we recommend that you heat seal area above the zipper to help keep the food fresh for longer.

Safe and HealthySafe and Healthy

Safe and Healthy

PET material with good health and safety, so Cherodada smell proof bag can be directly used in food packaging.


Multi-Purpose bagsMulti-Purpose bags


Cherodada holographic bags is very fit for coffee beans, candy, baking, biscuits, nuts, snacks, dried fruits, dried flowers etc. This resealable bags also can be fit for cosmetics, jewelry, soap etc.

2×10 Inch 5×7 Inch 3×4 Inch 4×6 Inch 3×4 Inch 6×9 Inch

Correct Size: 3×4 Inch deodorant bag, this size is the actual available size, allowing you to easily match the size of the items you want to put in the bag.
Rainbow Colors: Made of 4 mil high quality metallized film, the holographic back provides you with different color options, and the transparent front is suitable for displaying merchandise.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Cherodada resealable bags are ideal for packing dried flowers, baking, dried fruit, snacks, herbs and cosmetics, jewelry, soap, and more.
High Quality: The organizer bag is made of safe PET material, tear-resistant and durable. You can open the zipper repeatedly without damage.
INCLUDES: The package contains 100 bags, enough for you to use and replace, easy to use and easy to store.


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