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  • Bulk Lot 2 kg x Allens Fantales Chocolate Caramel Sweets Buffet Treats Favor New


    Bulk Lot 2 kg x Allens Fantales Chocolate Caramel Sweets
    Allens Fantales are bite-sized pieces of chewy caramel coated in chocolate and don’t forget to check your wrapper for that tidbit of celebrity trivia.
    Weight: 1 kg per bag. You will receive 2 Bags

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  • King Kone Parent


    The King Kone pre-roll cone filling machine is perfect for small farms or companies just expanding into pre rolls. Not just budget friendly, this cone filling machine is also extremely versatile and easy to use. Our electric cigarette rolling machine will increase production, keep your cones/prerolls sizes consistent, and save you money!
    Our preroll machine comes with all the attachments, it can pack 1/2G 84mm pre rolled cones, 3/4G 98mm pre rolled cones, and 1G 109mm king sized pre-rolled cones! Set up the proper cone filling trays, load the cones, and start filling the top tray with your product.
    With the adjustable knob, control how hard and fast the cone filling machine is packing. Once filled, just tap to your desired pack and twist the pre-roll closed! Fit up to 169 cones, you’ll be producing pre-rolls at scale in no time.

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  • Leao Lion Sport MT


    Treadlife: N/A
    Season: All Season
    Performance: Mud Terrain

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  • Magical butter Machine Gummy Bundle


    Full Gummy Making kit with everything you need including the MB2E Magical Butter machine & Decarbox
    3-pack silicone Spatula Set to stir your Gummy mixture
    3- Silicone Measuring Cups to pour your gummy mixture into silicone molds.

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  • Sugarfina 20 Piece Candy Trunk


    Make a lasting impression with our swoon-worthy Sugarfina Candy Trunk. Filled with delicious sweets and luxurious details, this over-the-top trunk will earn you the award for best gift-giver ever
    Open the polished brass lock and lift the lid to reveal 20 of our favorite candy cubes, beautifully nestled into a tiered display lined with luxe velvet
    Includes 20 flavors of candy cubes: Robin’s Egg Caramels, Peach Bellini, Sugar Lips, Bubbly Bears, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Heavenly Sours, Watermelon Slices, Ice Cream Cones, Birthday Cake Caramels, Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough, Magic Mangos, Apple Frogs, Summer Strawberries, Dark Roast Espresso Beans, Birthday Cake Cookies, Robin’s Egg Caramels and more!

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