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  • Gaps and Cracks 24oz Variation


    THE GAP AND CRACK ATTACKER! According to the US DoE, the average US home has a 1/2 mile of gaps and cracks. Air leaks account for 25-40% of the energy used for heating and cooling a typical home, resulting in higher utility bills. Fill the gaps and crack down on energy loss with GREAT STUFF PRO GAPS AND CRACKS INSULATING FOAM SEALANT!
    CLOSE THE GAP! Great Stuff Pro Gaps and Cracks is a gun-applied, expanding spray foam sealant for use all around the home. It is recognized as a fireblock sealant and is orange colored for easy recognition. The sealant is ideal for gaps and penetration up to 3″ (75mm), expanding to form an airtight, water-resistant seal adhering to wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics.
    EASY TO USE! Pop the top off of the can, screw on the can onto the gun, open the gun’s valve and you are good to go! If the can is not finished after the job is done, leave it on the can and close the valve until the next use. When it comes to the cleaner, however, remove the can from the gun after usage.

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  • Pocky Family Parent


    Delicious 4-pack of Glico Pocky sticks variety featuring Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Matcha, and Strawberry flavors – perfect for any occasion! Enjoy the classic Japanese snacks loved around the world.
    Enjoy the classic Poki stick with friends or indulge in single-serve individual packs for a delicious snack anytime. Perfect for those who love foreign snacks and candy.
    Perfect treat for sharing with friends and family, the Pocky variety pack is sure to satisfy any cravings with its delicious combination of flavors. A great way to sample the flavors of Japan!

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  • SMORES KIT | Individually packaged set: Graham Crackers, Marshmallow, Chocolate | Make delicious smores over a bonfire, grill, pit, oven, microwave | Bring to your party, corporate event, gathering | Share w family, friends, coworkers | Favors


    Individually packaged set : Hershey’s chocolate bar, Graham Crackers, Marshmallow
    Premium quality products.
    Great gift for kids, adults, friends, family, coworkers

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