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  • Bulk Lot 2 kg x Allens Fantales Chocolate Caramel Sweets Buffet Treats Favor New


    Bulk Lot 2 kg x Allens Fantales Chocolate Caramel Sweets
    Allens Fantales are bite-sized pieces of chewy caramel coated in chocolate and don’t forget to check your wrapper for that tidbit of celebrity trivia.
    Weight: 1 kg per bag. You will receive 2 Bags

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  • Warheads Super Variety Packs


    ♥ 17 PIECE VARIETY PACK ♥ This WarHeads Lover’s Mega Variety Pack is sure to satisfy all of your sour candy cravings! Included is a variety of flavors and styles of WarHeads candies – WarHeads Ooze Chews, Lil Worms, Cubes, Super Sour Gumballs, Extreme Sour Hard Candy, Galactic Cubes, Ooze Chews Ropes, Jelly Beans, and 3 Flavors of Super Sour Double Drops! These are genuine WarHeads candies packed in a Cornershop Confections Brand Gift Box as a Cornershop Confections Brand Bundle.
    ♥ INDIVIDUALLY SEALED! ♥ Each of the WarHeads Sour Candies come individually sealed! This makes them perfect for sharing with people in your life (should you be so generous!), storing away in your car or bags, munching on during a movie, and having just a little treat here and there while keeping the others perfectly fresh!
    ♥ TRY THEM ALL! ♥ This WarHeads Sour Candies Variety Share Pack makes it easy to get all your favorite WarHeads candies along with some that you may not have tried before! Now you can give new flavors a try without having to commit to purchasing an entire case! If someone you know loves one flavor and you love others, then you have a perfect share pack!

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