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  • Lawry’s seasoning


    FULL BODIED, AROMATIC FLAVOR: Lawry’s Coarse Grind Garlic Salt with Parsley is a full-bodied salt substitute that infuses all kinds of dishes with aromatic flavor; enjoy combining salt and two iconic herbs for a complex taste
    PREMIUM, GARDEN FRESH BLEND: Contains a coarse-ground blend of premium garlic, salt and parsley; a garden-fresh mixture that tastes as good as it looks no matter what menu items you sprinkle it on
    MADE FOR CHEFS: Blended with culinary professionals in mind, each 28-ounce container is a great kitchen staple to have on hand for back-of-house recipe customization; pre-mixed blends make it easy to spice up your recipes

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  • Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic Seasoning, 4.5 Ounce


    Flavorsome Blend: Say goodbye to peeling and chopping – Our delicious seasoning blend of minced garlic, onion, salt, and savory spices is the ultimate granulated garlic seasoning for all your favorite dishes
    Versatile Seasoning: Works as an easy replacement for fresh garlic or can be sprinkled as a seasoning on meats, soups, salads, dips, eggs, veggies, and more
    Exceptional Taste: Enhance the flavor of all your favorite dishes by adding a burst of garlic-flavor to pasta salads and deviled eggs, or mix it with mayo and sour cream for a savory garlic dip

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