A Physician Designed Diet Plan – The Healthier Alternative

When it comes to losing weight, many people have already attested to the fact that tons of fad diets are just mere hypes but in essence do not really work. The market is filled with all these unregulated slimming pills and diet programs that are not even healthy to begin with. The idea of starving oneself to lose some extra pounds at the cost of various health risks is no longer an attractive option, either. People nowadays are looking for safer and much better solutions to their weight loss endeavors. And because of the many benefits that being under a physician designed diet plan brings, people are beginning to consider and choose this diet over the other diet solutions that we have been traditionally following.

Compared to other diet programs, a physician designed diet plan is not one of the mushrooms that just sprouted out of nowhere. The physician designed program is actually one that is backed by various clinical studies. It has been around since the early 1980’s and have been used and recommended by thousands of doctors because of its nutritious nature and its safety. It has even been proven helpful to patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

The concept behind this portion-controlled diet plan is using 6, low calorie but high in nutrition meals a day to curb unnecessary food cravings, keep one full and enhance the metabolism so that through ketosis, fat will be converted into energy fast. This enables dieters who undergo a physician designed diet plan to lose weight, stay fit and maintain lean muscle. It supports the idea that going on a diet should not necessarily mean eating foods that you cannot possibly enjoy at all. While the meals are not as scrumptious as your sirloin steak or the 20 inch pizza right across the street, they are real food and healthy ones at that. They are generally low in calorie, carbs and sugar. The wide selection on the menu will keep you from getting bored with what you are eating.

The diet however needs to be strictly followed. When you are undergoing a physician designed diet plan, you will not be allowed to eat anything outside your 5 supplementary meals and 1 lean and green meal. Although there will not be anyone who will be monitoring your every move, sticking to the diet will help you achieve the results that you want. The reason behind this is that each meal has been carefully planned to help you achieve your desired weight. Reinventing the wheel may adversely affect the ideal outcome, so it s recommended to not add any other food to the diet. If you are craving for snacks, a physician designed diet plan has their own version of a healthy snack that will suit you just well.

Dieting no longer has to be an excruciating experience. You do not have to starve yourself nor consume pills whose ingredients are totally alien to your knowledge anymore. The physician designed diet plan offers the best possible solutions to getting rid of those unwanted fat safely, quickly and effectively.

Source by Karen Davis Richardson

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