The Truth About Cleansing and Weight Loss

Cleansing is an essential part of any truly effective weight loss program since it helps to remove toxins from the body that might otherwise end up being stored in excess fat cells.

When we cleanse our bodies, our food is properly stores and eliminated. This sets us up for better health and the aging process will be slowed down. One of the reasons for low energy is undigested, decomposing food in the intestines. Dairy products and other fatty foods produce mucoid deposits that line the intestinal wall, preventing the proper absorption of nutrients. Many people overeat simply because the nutrients in their food are not being absorbed through all of their mucous-coated intestinal walls. You end up feeling hungry because you are starving for vital vitamins and minerals; but end up only absorbing calories from the meal and none of the nutrients, leaving you with only weight gain.

For many of us, the waste moves through the colon much too slowly, leading to constipation and irregular elimination. Once the stool gets slowed down, the colon is no longer able to exert its normal peristaltic action, its nerve signal s shut down and a hard dehydrated waste begins to lodge on pockets in the colon and gets plastered on the intestinal wall. This stagnant waste contains many toxic substances, which are generally reabsorbed by the blood into the system, creating a lot of toxins. The results of this toxic build up is fatigue, headaches, irritability, nervousness, depression and protruding abdomen due to bloating. Putrefying waste trapped in the colon produces a number of toxic substances. These substances pass through the colon wall and enter the bloodstream and lymph, where they are carried throughout the body. These toxins are like poisons and produce symptoms in the nervous system such as headaches, depressions, mental dullness and general feeling of the blahs. Poisons from the colon weaken and stress the heart, they cause pain and stiffness in the joints and weaken and fatigue muscles.

Constipation also affects the bacteria in the colon. Your intestinal tract has 2 very important bacteria. This bacteria causes putrefaction, producing toxic substances. These putrefactive bacteria thrive in the oxygen-starved, alkaline environment produced by an improper diet and constipated colon. The colon should contain at least 85% beneficial bacillus and no more than 15% of good bacteria. Our lifestyles in North America cause us a reversed ratio…85% bad and only 15% good. As you clean your colon it is very important to restore the proper balance of good bacteria. It is extremely important that during and after a cleanse the body return to its healthy flora. This is simply achieved through consumption of probiotics during the cleansing process.

Source by Dwaine Chamberlain

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