Raw Food Diets – The Healthy Way to Eating Raw Food

The healthy, positive effects of a raw food diet have been very much in the headlines recently. Much has been said in books and articles about the negative impact that cooking foods has on our health. Cooking fruits and vegetables leeches them of vitamins and enzymes that our bodies need to be healthy. Many people are making the switch to raw foods, and are finding that they look and feel better.

However, making the switch to raw foods doesn’t mean you should dive right in. Any diet change, even to a more healthy diet, is a stress on your body. There are steps you’ll want to take to make sure that you stay healthy while eating a diet of raw fruits and vegetables. Many people, when starting with raw foods, aren’t sure what they should be eating, and eat too much or too little of certain foods. Even when eating raw, it’s important to have a healthy balance. That’s why the first step on your journey to a healthy system of eating should be a visit with your doctor or a dietician. They can help you set up a diet based on raw foods that meets your needs.

While of course you’ll want to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you’ll want to stick to those that are organically grown and as much as possible, locally grown. Why? Organic foods are free of the pesticides and other chemicals that can be found in many foods. Locally grown means you aren’t only helping yourself, you’re helping your community. Plus, when food is locally grown, you know you’re eating food that’s in season and fresh.

Of course, fruits and vegetables generally have almost no fat, and despite some claims, fat is a necessary part of our diet. On a raw diet, we get our fats from some fruits like coconut and avocado, and also from nuts. The problem is many start a raw diet, and eat too much of these high fat items. If you over load your diet with foods like nuts and avocado, that’s not healthy either. This is another reason why it’s a good idea to meet with your doctor or dietician to help you determine the best diet plan for you.

A last word of advice is to know the source – not only of the food you eat, but also of the advice you follow. Friends or family might tell you about how awesome the raw food diet is, and how great they’re doing and suggest that you try it. Their advice may be very well meaning, but again, it’s important that you check with your doctor. If, for example, you have a allergy to gluten and your friend recommends a diet full of whole grains, it can cause serious health issues.

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