Vegan Vegetarian Diet of Raw Living Foods – Your Only Hope For a Disease-less Life

A vegan vegetarian diet of raw living foods is followed by a person who eats no meat, and no animal products (milk, eggs. etc.); especially one who advocates a diet of only vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and grains as the proper one for all people for reasons of health or because of principles opposing the killing of animals for food. Additionally, the part that refers to raw living foods is composed of sprouted greens, seeds, nuts, and green juices from wheatgrass, sunflower, green pea sprouts, celery, etc.

The health industry uses other definitions of vegetarianism such as lacto-ovo vegetarians who eat no meat, fish, or poultry, but do eat eggs and dairy-products such as milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, etc. a natural-hygienist is the same as a vegan but eats nothing cooked. And a living-fooder is the same as a natural hygienist, with particular emphasis on the consumption of enzyme-rich sprouted seeds and grains.

Health-Related Reasons for A Vegan Vegetarian Diet

Studies have shown that – historically, throughout the world – the people who live longest are primarily vegetarians. Others eat very little meat by today’s standards. Relevant research always reveals that vegetarians enjoy a superior level of health.

1.       Experiments – conducted at Yale University – involving the performance of vegetarian athletes have demonstrated that those athletes can engage in vigorous activity 2-3 times longer than meat-eaters, and recover from exhaustion in one-fifth the time.

2.       During World War II, sever meat-shortages throughout the world forced people to adopt a diet that was primarily-vegetarian. Much to everyone’s surprise, diet-related death-rates diminished dramatically and there was a significant decrease in disease.

3.       From an article about heart disease in the June 3, 1961 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association: “A vegetarian diet ban prevent 90% of thrombo-embolic disease (clot obstruction in veins) and 97% of coronary occlusions (closed veins and arteries)”.

4.       Studies among Seventh Day Adventists – most of whom are vegetarians – show that they have half as many incidents of degenerative disease as the rest of the population.

Source by Cindy Soto

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