Low Carb Meal Plans For Weight Loss

Are you following a strict low calorie diet plan but not able to get satisfactory results till now? You might be skipping high fat diets, but would be consuming more carbohydrates! Though carbohydrates count less on calories when compared to fats, carbohydrates could be adding more fat to body than you might think!

Carbohydrates, shortly called carbs, are essential nutrients only in SMALL amounts. When they are consumed in excess they can actually add to body weight.

Low carb meal plan is essential for weight loss for two major reasons:

a) Carbohydrates when stored in body tend to increase water absorbing capacity of the body. What this means to you? You might be looking bulgier than you actually would. You would experience an increase in body weight due to increased water in body.

b) There are certain foods that can increase the metabolic rate of body. They accelerate the digestion and fat burning capability of the body. There are some other foods that can act in an opposite way. Yes, these foods can reduce the metabolic rate. Whenever the metabolic rate of body is retarded, your body would be burning less calories per hour than it would normally do.

Based on the above discussions, you should have arrived at a logical conclusion that low carb diets are the only way to achieve your desired shape. Yes, you are correct. You must devise your meal plan very carefully by choosing foods that have very less carbs. Also keep a check on the foods that can retard your metabolism.

Source by Kamalkk Kannan

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