Ground Beef Or Hamburger On Medifast – Is It Allowed?

I sometimes hear from people who ask about whether they are going to have to give up their favorite foods on Medifast. It’s not uncommon for me to get asked about hamburger or ground beef. An example is something like: “I know that a big greasy hamburger with a bun and all of the trimmings is probably not going to be allowed on Medifast. But what about lean ground beef prepared carefully? What if it is sautéed, grilled, or broiled and not fried? Would this be acceptable?”

I can tell you what’s only my opinion on this. And I’m basing that same opinion on the quick start guide found on the company’s website. If you have any doubts about this, you can easily reach out to one of the counselors. Lean meat of any kind (which is no less than 95 percent lean) can be included in your lean and green meal as long as it is under six ounces when cooked. Also, it has to be grilled, baked, broiled, or poached and not fried. You’re also allowed to cook this in one tablespoon of a healthy fat like canola, walnut, or olive oil.

So as long as you are using a moderate amount of very lean ground beef (and not the regular or more common kind,) and are also preparing it in a healthy way without frying it, then you have the ground beef within moderation. As an example, a quarter pound burger weighs four ounces. However, this is typically fried in non healthy grease. You would probably have to modify how you prepare it if you want to have a patty and eat it like a hamburger. But one idea would be using lettuce instead of a bun with tomato tucked inside. You can have condiments on Medifast also, so you could put a little mustard on top of the tomato. One of the fat reducing grills would offer a nice way to prepare this while also removing the fat.

People also sometimes use lean ground beef in soup recipes that comprise their lean and green meal or as part of a very green salad. But to answer the question posed, it’s my opinion that you can have lean beef or hamburger with your lean and green meal as long as you use very lean ground beef, limit the quantity, and are careful about how you prepare it. And, if you do cheat a little and have a hamburger, don’t beat yourself up too badly. Sure, you don’t want to make a habit out of this, but as long as you get back on track quickly, there’s no reason to allow this to derail you.

Source by Lindsey Price

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