Fat Loss Diets – Things to Know and Remember Before Taking Up Fat Loss Diet Plans

Fat loss diets are in abundant choices. There are many diet programs today which help you lose weight and maintain it for many years to come. Although some are proven to be very effective in your weight loss goals, diet plans coupled with exercise still produce faster, better and healthier effects.

Let us take a deeper look into some fat loss diet programs. Let us understand how they work and how fast they can make your body lose weight.

The Two Popular Diet Programs

There are two weight loss programs which are globally known today. Because of the inexpensive choices of food and the availability of diet ingredients, these two have been popular tools used in the dieting world. Through the Atkins and South beach diet, men and women now have different choices for their weight loss problems. Learn more about these popular fat loss diets by reading the sections found below.

Atkins Diet

Atkins works on the principle that carbohydrates are the main source of unwanted fats in our body. Through carbohydrate restriction – to some extent – our body uses the fats for energy instead. Because carbohydrates are omitted from the body, our system makes use of the fat for energy purposes. The body goes into a state of ketosis where the system burns its own fat for fuel.

South Beach Diet

South Beach is a similar version of the Atkins diet. The only difference is that South Beach allows consumption of ONLY the healthy fats and even allows the use of food with low-carbohydrate count.

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