Eating Fiber Rich Foods to Lose Weight

In addition to various nutrients in our food, fiber forms an important part of our food. It is present in all vegetables and fruits. These have a low calorie to volume ratio. Large amounts of fruits and vegetables have fewer calories. We can reduce weight by eating lots of salad before dinner or lunch. But be sure not to add too much of salad dressing to it as tit will give you additional calories. We can take fruits instead of fruit juice for breakfast.

Fruits, which are higher in fiber, take longer to digest. So you don’t feel hungry early. With lesser calories and making you feel fuller longer these fruits and vegetables when eaten raw help you to lose weight faster.

Sprouted pulses can also be eaten in your salad. Swapping white bread for wheat or whole grain bread and white pasta for whole grain pasta are other ways of adding fiber to your diet. So you must add fiber to your diet to ensure a healthy weight loss.

You should add a large amount of fiber rich foods to your diet plan. This will help you not to feel much hungry and you will eat lesser. These foods are not rich in fats and provide more nutrients. These also help in many other ways like preventing constipation, improving the digestive system and improve all over health. So start consuming more amount of fruits and vegetables, oats, pulses and other fiber rich foods to lose your extra pounds weight faster.

Source by Jeffrey Warne

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