Cabbage Soup Diet Plan – 5 Important Facts That You Need About This Diet Revealed!

There are many diet plans out there for different lifestyles and health needs. Many advocate low or no-carbs. Not every one of those are fool-proof, but there has to be a plan that is suited for you. A lot of diets are not intended for long-term, so it is important to know the facts before going through one.

Today, we will discuss the cabbage soup plan. Here, you will know the 5 important facts. Revealed in this article are the things that you need to know before starting.

• You can eat as much cabbage soup as you want during the course of this plan. The ingredients of this soup are very healthy, and mainly consists of green leafy vegetables like celery, cabbage and green bell pepper. Tomato, which contains cancer-fighting lycopene may also be added.

• It lacks protein, essential fats and carbohydrates and therefore, it is not recommended for long-term use. The recommended time frame is about 7 days. You will experience rapid weight loss during this period but this also lacks in some nutrients so it would be best to consult a dietitian or physician before starting this diet.

• During the course of the plan, drink plenty of water or fruit juices. Alcohol is absolutely prohibited. Caffeine is not recommended as well.

• Adding multivitamins to your diet will help supply your body with protein, carbohydrates and essential fats which the soup lacks.

• It is known as the “Mayo Clinic Diet” but it has nothing to do with the clinic. So beware of false endorsements by some websites claiming that it is recommended by the clinic.

Knowing these facts, try to evaluate if this is the right one for you.

Source by Manuel McDaniels

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