Hot Pepper Relish Gives Spice To Your Plain Food

There are plenty of people around the world likes to eat spicy foods. In fact, Indonesian babies are feed with these mouth-watering spicy foods at their very young age. Well, it may be because of the good things it brings when it comes to health issues. Spicy foods help us keep healthy like protecting our stomach lining, preventing cancer, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and keeping our heart healthy. Of course, you will only gain these good things if you eat these foods that are hot in nature regularly.

This is not a problem because there are lots of spicy foods available in the market today. In fact, if you choose to make your own hot foods you can easily do that. However, if you like to have it without hassle then you can buy it in a store or order it online. You can have like green chili enchiladas or you just avail some side dish like hot pepper relish. You can have a taste of the food you want and at the same time enjoy the hotness of this hot food.

These are available in online and in offline market at very affordable price. The question now is what makes these foods hot? The very first reason is they contain an ingredient that produces hot sensation to our tongue. This is what they called hot peppers. According to a reliable source, there are definitely several different name referred to peppers which all are used in food for the hot sensation spread out in the mouth once taken. These are Piperaceae, Solanaceae, Anaccardiaceae and the family of Rutaceae.

If we check the ingredients of the hot pepper relish, we can see that it is using the pepper in the family of Solanaceae in the genus Capsicum. They say it can be eaten raw or cooked. Its fruit has a variety of names depending on place and type. They are called chilli pepper, red or green pepper, or sweet pepper in Britain and typically just capsicum in Australian, New Zealand, and Indian English. It is the most desired of the spicy foods lover because the fruit of most species of Capsicum contains capsaicin, a lipophlic chemical that can produce a strong burning sensation in the mouth of the unfamiliar eater.

For people who want to spice up their plain food like sandwiches or chicken; hot pepper relish is the best partner for it. In fact others experiment with their foods just to have to taste any hot on it like pizza, burgers, omelets, spaghetti and stews. In fact, a dip of it is already a big thing for your mouth to feel hotness. Well, for some who are afraid to get burn just prepare a glass of milk beside you. It is recommended to ease the hotness cause by the peppers.

Therefore, hot pepper relish gives excitement to our plain food. Every bite of it is equal to a thrilling moment. That is why it is different when your regular food is paired with these spicy peppers.

Source by Jane Ros Barker

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