Getting More Fiber In Your Diet

Eating fiber is an important part of a healthy diet and as a result, High fiber recipes are a good thing to have on hand. In fact eating foods high in fiber are proven to reduce to risk of developing cardiovascular disease and also promote a healthy digestive system.

For people looking to lose weight, high fiber recipes may be something to look into, as a high fiber diet can also help in that regard. With all the added health benefits, there is no wonder why people are increasingly turning to high fiber recipes for more of their meals.

Most people associate eating fiber with a healthy digestive system and that is a true fact, as fiber will help maintain one. However, it can be for two different reasons depending on the type of fiber one is actually eating. The first type is insoluble fiber, which just as the name suggests does not break down in water as easily as other materials. What this means, is eating insoluble fiber can help people who experience constipation or irregular bowel movements. In addition, insoluble fiber is proven to reduce the risk of diabetes. For people looking to add more of this type to their diet, they can look at eating whole grains, vegetables and nuts.

The second type of fiber is the opposite, being soluble fiber. As expected, soluble fiber actually absorbs water which can help soften stool and promote a healthy digestive system. As an added health benefit, soluble fiber will help reduce cholesterol levels among people who eat it. A simple way to add soluble fiber to one’s diet is mixing in a bit of flax seed to another meal. As apples are also a good source of it, flax seed and apple sauce is an extremely easy to make meal that is also effective in consuming more soluble fiber.

Luckily for people looking to add more fiber to their diet, in many instances you will not need to change much of your diet to incorporate it. Adding fiber can be a very easy thing to do with many meals. Because vegetables are a high source, consider adding more to a soup or mixing them in with our meals you typically consume. The skins of many fruits are also a good source, so consider not peeling potatoes in addition to apples and pears.

As mentioned above, adding flax seed into a sauce or meal is an easy way to increase fiber intake as is simply snacking on nuts between meals. There are countless ways to increase fiber intake relatively easily and painlessly. Completing a quick online search for high fiber recipes will yield countless examples of what you can do. Look for examples and tips of meals before heading to the supermarket and starting a new routine that is high in fiber.

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