LIVE Q&A – Holiday Cooking Questions!

Posted: Saturday, December 17, 2016

(Note: The livestream starts at minute 5:30)

Here’s the recording of my live session answering your questions about cooking for large parties! Lots of really good tips & tricks here, thank you everyone for joining and I’m so sorry I couldn’t get to all your questions!! I will do this again for sure and hopefully have a better system for tackling questions. You can always get in touch with me via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram if you have a pressing question!

Timestamps for each questions:

5:30 – Video starts
11:40 – Interactive dinner party ideas
14:00 – How to efficiently lay out food on a buffet table
18:30 – How to keep food warm longer
21:50 – Steaming fish for a party
25:35 – What do Thai people eat for Christmas
27:10 – Tips for hosting cocktail parties
32:35 – How to cook a Thai meal when one person doesn’t like spicy food.
35:27 – Dishes for a couple’s dinner.
37:45 – What kind of drinks can be served with Thai food.
40:50 – How to cook a big Christmas dinner in a tiny kitchen.
42:19 – Party Planning Guide & Template
46:00 – Do I wear contacts in my cooking videos?
49:53 – Thai Christmas dish with duck
50:45 – What dishes I suggest serving at christmas
51:06 – Leftover turkey ideas
54:10 – Savoury snack ideas
57:00 – Advanced freezing ideas
58:15 – 4-5 dishes for a dinner party that’s workable
1:03:31 – What do I eat for breakfast on a holiday
1:04:30 – My hair smells when I have hot pot, what do I do??
1:05:30 – Tips & tricks for the catering industry
1:08:45 – Where do I get my mini whisks?
1:09:22 – How do you know how much food to cook for a certain amount of people?
1:14:21 – How I made fried rice for 60 kids!

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