Juicy and Delicious Roasted Chicken

Posted: Saturday, November 19, 2016

Our roasted chicken recipe produces one of the most delicious birds you’ll ever taste. The secret is injecting the chicken with a combination of soy sauce and lemon juice. Many people think you can drizzle it over the top, but it must soak right into the meat. The only way of doing this properly, is with a needle. You could let the chicken marinate over night, but it still won’t reach the tissue properly. Get the recipe: http://cooknshare.com/recipe/juicy-delicious-roasted-chicken/

This recipe also adds a few other unique tips such as stuffing the chicken with onions and garlic while drizzling olive oil over the top followed by a nice dusting of chicken bouillon and ground black pepper. You can also add your own touch if you like.

Believe me, your dinner guest will rant and rave about this for days. Watch the video, try it, and let us know what you think.

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