Shiloh Farms: Course Wheat Bran 32 Oz (12 Pack)

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Product Description

Bran is the multilayered outer coating of the wheat kernel that has not been heated, steamed, cooked or altered. In the case of processing wheat to make wheat flour, one gets a byproduct called Millers wheat bran. Millers wheat bran is packed with nutrition and offers dietary fiber and many health benefits. Adds Dietary Fiber to your Diet - Fiber in Coarse Wheat Bran is approx 80% insoluble fiber and 20% soluble fiber. Soaking bran in warm water overnight at room temperature helps to deactivate the phytates in the bran that hinder absorption of minerals in the digestive tract. In 1942 a group of like-minded people gathered on a farm in Western New York and founded the Shiloh Community. Their common goal was to live and work together in health and harmony. To help support themselves and sustain their lifestyle they created a bakery and became known for their hearty, healthy all-natural products. Organic certification had not yet been invented. This was the beginning of SHILOH FARMS.

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