Ground Almond Flour by OliveNation 80 oz

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Product Description

For a low carb baking alternative to traditional flour, bakers turn to Olive Nation Almond Flour. Gluten free cooking has always faced the challenge of finding grain free alternatives to traditional wheat flours for baked goods, but no more. This high fiber flour is derived from almond nuts that are blanched and ground to a extremely fine flour and contains no grains, gluten, additives, or chemicals. It is perfect for paleo recipes and extremely high in Omega fatty acids. While many cooks boast the health benefits of coconut flour, almond flour is a great alternative to coconut because it provides the same low carb benefits while having a fuller bodied taste and consistency. Almond flour, when used in baking creates incredibly light, fluffy baked goods that rival their traditional and coconut flour counterparts. Almond flour's fatty acid content also adds much needed moisture to gluten free dishes. Cakes and other pastries made with almond flour provide low carb, high protein decadence. For healthier snacks, use almond flour in your favorite muffin recipe. Almond flour provides large amounts of protein which can keep you fuller for longer. The almond flour pancake is quickly becoming the clean eating community's favorite breakfast food. Sweetened with some simple agave or honey, almond flour pancake batter produces light, delicious pancakes that will win anyone over. With nearly four times as much protein per serving as regular flour, an incredibly low glycemic index, and a full bodied flavor that coconut flour cannot match, it is easy to see why cookies, cakes, and muffins made with Olive Nation's almond flour will be a hit for gluten free, paleo, and regular eaters alike.

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