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Posted: Saturday, September 03, 2016

Brazilian Cheese Puffs, Pão De Queijo these bite sized little puffs are way easier to make than Choux Pastry, have a mild cheesy taste and can be filled with anything you like, sweet, savoury, creamy, seafoods, meats, eat ’em plain with soup or stews of munch on them with beer. We know you are going to love them.
100g Gruyere cheese
200g of Tapioca Starch OR Arrowroot Flour
1 teaspoon vege salt
60g vegetable oil
1 egg
160g milk.

Blitz the cheese, add the remaining ingredients, blitz again. Pour into greased Mini Muffin Pans and bake 12-15 minutes at 220 degrees celsius. Either eat them warm and fragrant straight from the oven or cool them and fill with filling of your choice, smoked oysters, pate, dips, pesto, chutney, pickles, marmalade, cream cheese,cheekyricho Fig & Walnut Paste, cheekyricho Quince Paste, Nut Butter, Hommus, you get the picture. These cheesy little puffs are happy in the company of anything you like to eat.
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